Sunday, November 16, 2008

Lots to do

Well what a manic weekend !! Been dashing around all over the place ,reffing a football match , teaching circuits and playing squash for Devon ! Managed to get my posters up around my village and surrounding villages to promote my car boot sale ,do hope some cars turn up!! Also started the wheels in motion for a Golf Day next year pre Relay event .Need 12 teams of 4 to make it a good day so will have to approach some businesses locally for support.
A big thank you to Annie Prouse who had her 60th Birthday bash at Fingle Glen golf course and instead of presents asked for donations for our cancer research relay event . She raised a huge £1,200.00 to get us started .... Thanks Annie (a cancer survivor ) you are a star !!
if any of you have any bright ideas for any events drop me a line as Im keen to try and do one event per month in the lead up to our Relay event July 4 th 2009 .
I will keep you posted to how its all going .

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Intro to me

Hi everyone
Today has been very exciting for me ,thanks to Sandhy i am now a blogger!!
Why do I want to have a blog I hear you ask ...... well here goes !

I had ovarian cancer in March 2005 and after 2 major operations and 6 months of chemo Im still here to tell the tale !! I have always been a fit person,playing squash ,golf and Im a football ref in the mens Devon league,so it was a massive shock when I was told I had cancer.
Cancer has in fact given me new friends that I know will be friends for life.I am also involved in raising money for cancer rsearch which is hard work but well worth the effort !So I am going to keep a blog of my life as it goes and all the forthcoming events which i will be involved in for the cancer charities.

Well im going to post this now just to convince myself that ive got it up and running !!!chat soon
today is a good day I am starting my blog for you all to read !!

Monday, November 10, 2008