Saturday, January 24, 2009

Time to Blog


How bad have I been on my updates !!!! Well January is nearly gone thank goodness what a wet, miserable windy month its been. Cant wait for the spring and some warmth on my bones .
I have my 6 monthly cancer check up on Tuesday,another milestone out the way , nearly 4 years clear and feeling fit and well .
Starting to knuckle down to the Tedburn relay business now lots to organise but i am lucky i have people willing to help with every aspect of the huge task.
Also we have the Golf Day on July 3rd ,day before Relay so if anyone out there would like to put a team of 4 in give me a shout.
Had a phone call from a 70 year old lady in the village asking me to pop around to see her.What a wonderful surprise I had , she has made the most beautiful patchwork quilt.A work of art !!Her son had been very ill so whilst he was recovering she made the quilt which she is donating to relay for us to auction. i will try and get my dear friend sandhy to take a picture and post it on here if anyone would like to make a bid for it .
I will keep you all posted with the progress reports on Relay and lets all pray for some nice weather !


Tracey said...

What a lovely read that was :). I hope all goes well for you on Tuesday, my next check is April!

I'm looking forward to seeing the patchwork quilt too..
get Sandhy onto it hehe xx

l'optimiste said...

fantastic! of course I'll take a photo and we can post it here and on my blog [and everywhere else I can think of].